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VRME Virtual Rack Mounted Equipment
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VRME is an application which complements the Physical Network Inventory products from GE Network Solutions.

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It goes beyond the limitations of two dimensional representations and capitalises on the value of your captured RME (Rack Mounted Equipment) data.

Simply double-clicking on an object of interest such as a POP, Terminal Enclosure or Building in the GIS view, launches your preferred web browser and VRML plug in, giving you almost instant access to your RME data in 3 dimensions.

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VRME offers the following benefits:

System Requirements:

On the next page is an example of a VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) world, created from the GE Network Solutions Physical Network Inventory rack mounted equipment data by VRME.

Free Download - Get Cortona VRML Client

To view the next page you will need a plug-in for your browser. We recommend Cortona3D Viewer from ParallelGraphics.

The first "camera" view you will see is the floorplan from above, you may move to other views using the view menu. All that you see has been automatically produced by VRME, and is activated by double clicking the hub, terminal enclosure or building for which the report is required.

Although this is only a WWW example simulation, you may click on any of the hubs (coloured circles) in the picture below, to see how simple it is to generate 3d reports using VRME.

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