Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd

Unsolicited Mail Policy

We are not in the business of sending bulk unsolicited mail.

In the past, our email address has been abused by spammers as a reply address (very easy to do, but potentially very damaging to the innocent party). This is called "spoofing".

We are trying to assist in eradicating this by adopting the Sender Policy Framework, you are recommended to request that your internet service provider also adopt the Sender Policy Framework.

What we do in connection with our business is listed on these web pages.

We do not market drugs, pornography or anything else that spammers usually try to hawk over the internet.

If you have received a genuine email that we sent out in our day to day business, but which you felt was unwelcome, we will send you an apology and will not send any subsequent email. I assure you that any genuine email we send is sent to you personally and not by means of any bulk email data.

Richard Bagnall

Director of Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd